How to win in 2012? I’ll give a recipe

Every turn of the year we make promises to improve everything: life, health, relationships, financial etc.. When the year ends, nothing has changed, why it happens?

If you’re winning a year ago or 10 years ago, just keep doing what you are doing. But, are you really winning? That is, are you happy? Are you helping many people with your success, without illusion? If you like football, you should be understanding my point – your idol get many victories for your team, you’re happy, then what? He helped you? It does not help the fans, despite being successful. And you with your success? Are you making a difference “enduring” in people’s lives? Or are you just making money?

Imagine that you enjoy cooking, but your cake always soles a little, but it’s just a cake. Perhaps you will not see the best confectioners in your city to see what is not right, because it’s just a cake.

And your life? No wins for over 10 years? One victory that lets you put your head on a pillow and feel the welfare of happiness. All the people around you are improving, that is the real success – people you affect has also the opportunity to enjoy your success a lasting way.

Your life is not a simple cake. If you are not winning at least one year, look for a new consultant to change the recipe of your life.

If you have no victories lasting 10 years, radical change at all! Do not be fooled! Change relationships, change the diet, change of doctor, change neighborhood, change companies etc., and especially change those who give advice to you!

Try a new concept of looking at life that can help many people around you in


Sobre Celso Silva

Meu nome é Celso Silva; nasci no Rio de Janeiro, em 24 de fevereiro de 1950. Aos 17 anos ingressei na Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército, em Campinas, São Paulo, e após 3 anos, fui para a Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, em Resende, Rio de Janeiro, formando-me em dezembro de 1973. Segui a carreira militar, passando para a reserva como coronel.
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