How to ensure the success of any diet

Starting a diet is difficult, but harder than deciding to save calories, is firm in its decisionbelow. “The traps appear from all sides: the slice of pie in the window of candy, desserts in the restaurant, the invitations of friends to a happy hour …” says the nutritionist RobertaStella, the Diet and Health But she says that gives the temptations to cross without complaint. Then check out a series of habits suggested by the expert who will make your life easier. So because it was the time when diet was synonymous with suffering.

Establish a feeding routine, plan meals that will be part of the day is an important step inorganizing the food. The ideal is to make the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two small snacks.

According to the hungry, you can stipulate at what time of day you will eat the snacks. Who feels hungry in the morning and afternoon snacks should do in this period. If the afternoonand evening, after dinner, set the time and afternoon snack at night.

Set times for meals, that way you avoid snacking between them and stop consumingcalories without realizing it. Furthermore, it is easy not to eat at meal times very close.Assign their schedules according to the routine of the day.

Abandon diets with excessive restriction: this is the main cause of discouragement and giving up. Do not skip any meal. A very large calorie restriction causes your metabolism is reduced. The weight will stabilize, and to re-lose weight, you need to further reduce calories and increase physical activity. Caloric restriction should be gradual.

Having a varied diet: food should not be dull and not based on little food. Therefore, consuming milk and milk products, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, vegetables and whole grains will make the recommended amount of nutrients is achieved, even if the amount of calories consumed decreases.

Avoid risky situations: leave around foods that may pose a risk to your weight loss(chocolates, candies, cookies, candy and snacks, for example) make it difficult to followfaithfully the desired feed. Also, when choosing a restaurant or bar, take the lead andpropose a place where the risks of abuse are lower. Consider an option that offers healthy snacks for you.

Knowing how to say no: you’re dieting, but his family and friends are free to eat at will. Theyeven by education, can offer your favorite sweet, did say that cake extra special with you in mind. Gently say no. This is a victory for you, giving more strength to move on.

Knowing how to say yes: is the time to propose to try new foods and flavors. If vegetables and fruits were not part of their daily food, they should be part of the daily diet. Remember:you can not make a balanced diet without these foods.

Do not be influenced, if one day his friends to go to a match or a hamburger restaurant thatgives you alternatives, you do not need to accompany them. If, by proposing another option,they do not accept, decline the offer. Go a day without going out with your friends will not make you lose the friendship, but the risk of giving up on remain firm in the diet is very large.

Persist, if not resisted and left the diet, the weight pulled for a few days or in low-poundswas far below the expected, do not give up! These are situations that occur all the people who are losing weight. Difficult to escape them. However, the difference between the person who reaches the goal and one that is restarting all the time is that the first did not give up.

Weigh yourself once a week: to know its evolution is very important to stimulate remain firm in their purpose. However, it is important to know that the elimination of weight is notconstant. In the first two weeks, the drop weight tends to be higher. Thereafter, the reduction will be more gradual. Think of it as a challenge and not as a reason for discouragement and discouragement.

Avoid high-calorie food stocks: the market, it is possible to find food in individual portions.Cookie, chocolate and candy can be purchased per unit. Use all your intelligence. To buy a box of chocolate during the period of weight loss? Do not make your own trap.

Participate in discussions about weight loss, have contact with people who have the same goal, exchanging experiences and stimuli, you will not feeldifferent. The talk gives motivation to achieve the target weight faster.

Make physical activity: the practice of regular exercise is the best ally in weight loss. Book atime of day to exercise. Small steps are already a good start: Take the stairs instead of using the elevator or the escalator. Take the car or the bus and enjoy the small paths for walking.

Sobre Celso Silva

Meu nome é Celso Silva; nasci no Rio de Janeiro, em 24 de fevereiro de 1950. Aos 17 anos ingressei na Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército, em Campinas, São Paulo, e após 3 anos, fui para a Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras, em Resende, Rio de Janeiro, formando-me em dezembro de 1973. Segui a carreira militar, passando para a reserva como coronel.
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