Happiness is the key to long life

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that happiness can be the key to a long life, or at least longer than you would without it. The analysis was led by a scientist at University College London, UK.

The study followed 3,800 people between 52 and 79 years for five years. Other studies examined the happiness and longevity of individuals based only on questions about the emotional state of each one. In the new survey asked participants to rate their feelings of happiness and anxiety at different points throughout the day.

The researchers caution that the study does not show a cause and effect relationship between happiness and longevity, but rather that the momentary happiness may be related to biological processes or behavioral factors that may explain the survival of many people.

Happiness reduces the risk of heart attack
Another study, done with more than 1,500 people in Canada, shows that happiness helps to shield the heart health. Older research showed that anger and hostility, for example, favored cardiovascular problems. Negative symptoms such as anger, depression and hostility increase the chances of someone having a heart attack or stroke.

This new study, however, wanted to see what is the impact of good feelings. The results showed that happier people have 22% less likely to develop a heart problem during a period of 10 years compared to those with neutral feelings. Even when people were happy in depression, the positive effects were kept to the heart.

While negative people were more likely to develop a cardiovascular problem. According to the researchers, are the factors associated with happiness that protect the heart as healthy lifestyles, genetic predisposition, and psychological impacts that reduce stress levels.


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